Design Collection - Eco friendly wool felt accessories

Design Collection - Eco friendly wool felt accessories

A5 Eco Friendly Wool Felt Notebooks

Urban sleeves revolve around an idea. An aesthetically pleasing design., Combines function, proportions, and attention to detail. We bring together technology and natural materials. The wool- felt Notebooks are a new addition to our designs. They meant to relax you, act as a tranquil companion for you to reflect on the world and your thoughts.

The A5 Notebooks covered in  100 % wool felt sleeves and constructed with virgin wool. They are Eco friendly with 160 lined pages of recycled paper. And like all our other products, the sleeves feature the iconic Cape Town Table Mountain or the Joburg skyline, paying tribute to our vibrant cities; we call home. 

Our Notebooks are currently available in 6 colors, Inspired by the vibrant sights of Cape Town and Johannesburg.