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Eco Felt Tote Bags and Eco Felt Handbags

Fashion you can feel good about. 

Eco-Felt Bags that help you be sustainable and fashionable.

Our Conscious Chic Handbags and Shopper Bags are made from rPET, a felt-like material from recycled plastic bottles. 

Single-use plastic is piling up in our landfills and polluting our oceans, harming our environment, wildlife, and marine life—single-use plastic damages key economic industries such as fishing, tourism, and many more. 

How can we take better care of our well-being and environment? 

Being part of the solution means avoiding purchasing single-use plastic items for one-time use before throwing them away. Instead, switch to reusable products. 

Our Eco-Felt Bags are stylish and durable. The shopper bags are sturdy and fashionable and can be used for many occasions. Available in the colour Mist or Black that complements any outfit.    

The Conscious Chic Handbag is the perfect accessory for work and leisure. The natural light grey with a contrast of yellow or blue adds a chic look and feel to your fashion style.