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Say it loud, and wear it proud.

UrbanSleeves revolves around an idea.
An aesthetically pleasing design. A design combining function, proportions, and attention to details.
Bringing together innovative technology and natural materials.
Products should enhance our lives, we should be able to express ourselves through our choices and make a difference.

We designed a product that has a soul, makes a statement and speaks about our origins. A tribute to the vibrant cities, we call home.

For our modern lifestyles in the office, meetings, and home offices, not only do we want to protect our devices but also show our style.
The minimalist approach of Urban Sleeves featuring an iconic print of your city creates conversations and shows that we are proud of our city and heritage.

Easy, uncluttered transportation keeps you and your MacBook cool.
The size and weight make for easy transportation with a snug fit around your MacBook, turning it into the coolest sleeve in town.
You are unique, and so is your MacBook.
The Urban MacBook sleeve comes in 2 sizes, 13 inches, and 15 inches, featuring the iconic Cape Town Table Mountian and the Jo'burg skyline.

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