Design Collection - Eco friendly wool felt accessories

Design Collection - Eco friendly wool felt accessories

Multi- Purpose Pouches - For the all the small stuff


Keep your small stuff organised and handy.  

For all the small stuff we sweat about when we can't find it in our bags. 

The Jobags and Capebags 

100 % Eco-friendly

100 % Made in South Africa 

100 % Authentic 

A minimalistic design, an additional interior pocket for your sunnies, tech cables, memory stick, and your masks. The pouch can also hold your keys, money, and cosmetics to carry in your bag.

The 100 % wool felt is soft, natural, and pleasant to touch. 

Sustainable, organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, antibacterial, flame and stain retardant, and water-resistant, all attributes of 100 % wool felt. 
The pouch consists of a front button with genuine leather strings and a back button if you want to keep the pouch open.

Size: 13 x 17 cm 

*Pre-made pouches are featuring the iconic Cape Town Table Mountain or the Joburg skyline. 

*Made to order, contact us, share your logo, pricing on request. 

Print & City: 

  • Jobag         Silver Mist 
  • Jobag         Dusty Pink,
  • Jobag         Jacaranda 
  • Jobag         Keylime
  • Jobag         Silver Mist 
  • Jobag         Merlot 
  • Jobag         Autumn Amber 
  • Jobag         Winter Sky 
  • Jobag         Ocean Teal 
  • Capebag    Silver Mist
  • Capebag    Merlot  
  • Capebag    Autumn Amber 
  • Capebag    Winter Sky 
  • Capebag    Ocean Teal

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