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A Healthier Lifestyle - Plastic Free

January 09, 2023

A Healthier Lifestyle - Plastic Free

Life is often fast-paced; we pick up plastic packets with our favorite herbs during grocery shopping because we 'value convenience". 

But is it convenient, or are we focusing on the wording "fresh herbs" and

" ready to eat"? 

Nothing beats the flavour of fresh herbs in our pasta, stew, or soup. 

The tiny single-use packaging has a short "work-life." The packet's lifecycle ends when we finish enjoying the herbs and toss the plastic in the bin. After that, this little plastic bag is spending 400 years breaking down in a landfill. 

Here is a far more convenient solution that skips the plastic packets and is "fresh and ready to eat."  

You can grow your favorite organic herbs on a sunny windowsill in your kitchen.

Picking your herbs while cooking is instant gratification; check out all the benefits: 

  • You don't need a garden or extra time. 
  • Herbs are prolific- pick herbs and wait for them to grow back. 
  • The freshest flavour - pick what you need -no more waste and wilted leftovers.   
  • Fresh herbs instantly improve your cooking.
  • Herbs are full of vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Incredibly inexpensive - saves you money.  
  • Herbs add a touch of freshness and colour that works with any kitchen design.  
  • Herbs not only make your food taste yummy, but they also scent your kitchen. 


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