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Want to be the cool guy in the meeting?

August 23, 2020

Want to be the cool guy in the meeting?

Want to be the cool guy in the  meeting? 
Picture this , Ever arrived at a meeting where you carry the kind of a suitcase or a kind of huge bag. Struggling  to pull your MacBook out while everyone is watching you, needless to say all sorts of other stuff comes out of your bag,  which by the way has several added layers and you carry all kinds of stuff besides your Macbook, papers, pens and cables appear,  covering the table in front of you.  Scrambling to get it all back ?  You start packing things up again into your large bag, trying to find a space under the table and so on, and all of this seems to take forever.  
You are so done with overpacked bags.  
Two minutes later the cool tech guy walks in with a smile on his face and the MacBook under his arm covered in a stylish grey wool felt sleeve. He sits down takes his shiny MacBook out the cover, uses the MacBook sleeve as the  mat on the table not to scratch his precious device and starts the meeting. 
You are still flustered from packing in and out of your bag, does this sound familiar? 
Macbook sleeves protect against dents and scratches, without any added bulk, they are lightweight and reflect your personal style. 

With Urban sleeves, you stand out and proudly show that you are from Cape Town or Joburg and carry the  iconic Table Mountain or Joburg skyline on your sleeve. A conversation piece on its own.