Eco Felt Ayanna Flower Pot Cover- Set of 2 Covers

A modern, contemporary Eco Felt Flower Pot Cover for small pot plants and kitchen herbs. 

A simple reminder to reduce plastic and a stylish cover to blend in with your interiors. 

Collapsible and convenient. The Flowerpot covers are eco-felt material made from recycled plastic bottles, sustainably produced, helping to reduce single-use plastic waste and embracing a climate-friendly lifestyle—a practical solution to style your household or office. 

Suitable for pots 14cm ⌀ or smaller. 

Remove flower pot from cover to water.  

Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Material:  rPET, felt made from recycled plastic bottles

Size assembled: 14cm ⌀ 11cm height 

Closure options: 

  • 3 Macrame Rope 3ply 5mm - colour taupe
  • 3 leather replica strings - colour light brown 
  • 3 wooden buttons 

Flat-packed size: 36cm x 36cm -  3mm thickness 

Colour: Mist and Black 

Available as a Set: 2 x Ayanna Flowerpot Covers 

100% Sustainable product

100% made in South Africa 


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