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Eco Felt Home & Office Accessories

Eco Felt Table Decor is made from a felt-like material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Ideally, we want to change our table decor according to the occasion, from the casual family breakfast, lunch, and supper days to the more elegant dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations. 

The Eco Felt Table Decor collection lets you do all of that. The natural grey of the eco felt grounds your table decor and gives you plenty of room to add the perfect colours depending on your theme to add colourful dishes, flowers, candles, serviettes, tableware, and glasses. The Eco Felt will always blend in with your ideas. 

A sustainable solution to keep your home minimalistic and modern while protecting your table surface and brightening it up with colours whenever you feel like it.  

Eco Felt Placemats keep our table clean and protect the surface from scratches, spills, and residue, absorb liquid, and they are heat resistant. Easy to wash and dry. 

Eco Felt Drink Coaster and Eco Felt Napkin Rings and Table Runners match your placemats and make your table look more inviting. 

Eco-felt storage baskets are collapsible and convenient. Modern, contemporary style that keeps your home neat and tidy. 

Eco Felt Flower Pot Covers blend in with any interior to make flower plants stand out and create a unique look for herb pots to blend in with a modern kitchen style. 

Eco Felt extended Desk Pads create a professional atmosphere for your study and home desk while the desk pad protects the desk surface from scratches and liquid spills.