Teacher's Day Gifting - Bundles offer greater deals - Get More For Less

Find awesome eco-friendly Teacher's Day Gifts that are meaningful and useful. 

100% South African - Durable Eco-Felt Designs are made from recycled plastic bottles helping to eliminate single-use plastic before it ends up in our landfills and oceans.  

Appreciation gifts are great to show gratitude towards those who have taught us in life, from school teachers to college professors to our tutors or trainers. Teachers invest countless hours in educating our kids. Often their influence extends beyond the classroom well into our future. 

Check out our Eco Felt Appreciation Gifts, such as:

  • Lightweight Tote Bags for teachers with a lot o carry to and from school. Eco-Felt Tote Bags that fit their laptop, files, and books. 
  • Educators love Notebooks and Journals; they are always a welcome stationery gift.
  • Staying organised with Pencil Cases and collapsible small Storage Baskets is essential to a successful teacher.
  • The Eco-Felt Desk Pads are great gifts, too; teachers have plenty of preparations done at home.   

And if you have more than one Superhero, check out our Teachers Day Bundle Gifts giving you More for Less. 

If you wish to create a bundle not listed here, please contact us at team@urbansleeves.com 



Felt Pencil Cases

Eco-friendly black felt pencil case

Eco-friendly gifting