Eco Felt Desk Mat, Extended Desk Pad for Laptop, Keyboard and Mouse

The Eco-Felt Desk Pad takes your desk set-up to the next level.

A Desk Mat for the modern and professional workspace. Stylish and practical.

Eco Felt Desk Pad is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

It eliminates single-use plastic that would otherwise end up in our landfills or oceans.

Perfect for gamers, graphic designers, and anyone that uses a mouse for long periods. 

The Desk Mat creates an organized, streamlined workspace for greater productivity and provides a designated space that helps to keep your workspace uncluttered. 

Eco Felt Desk Pad accommodates Laptop, Keyboard, Mouse, and Office accessories. 

The Desk Pad is eco-friendly and 100%  South African.

The rectangular Desk Pad has curved corners and is stitched around the edges. 

Perfect for home, office, and gaming

Suitable for sharing office desks and storing them in your office lockers, student desks in various locations, home studies, and office spaces. 

Felt Desk Mat is durable; the surface ensures the mouse moves accurately and with excellent speed and glides smoothly.

Provides a comfortable resting surface for writing, typing, and gaming

Protects the desk surface from wear and tear if it is glass, wood, metal, or plastic. You might even want to cover up a damaged desk that needs help to look good again. 

The Desk Pad protects the desk surface from scratches, spills, heat, and abrasions. 

The Eco Felt Mat is easy to clean, rinse in lukewarm water and a drop of sunlight liquid, and dry in the open.

Easy to carry, flexible, rollable, and portable to various locations, office desk, student desk, dining table, work, and home desk

Anti-static, anti-scratch, 

Isolating, shock, and water absorption

Eco-Felt Desk Pad dampens sound and doesn't reflect light; the Mat absorbs light.

All Desk Pads come with a Free Drink Coaster; we know that everybody loves to work with a cup of coffee or tea on the side. 

Material: rPet felt made from recycled plastic bottles 

Colour: light grey 

Finish: outer stitch line and rounded corners


100cm x 40cm - 3mm thickness 

89cm x 43cm - 3mm thickness 

64cm x 36cm- 3 mm thickness 

100% Sustainable product 

100 % South African 

The Desk Mat is packed in a tube. After removing the Mat from the tube, roll up the Mat in the opposite direction to flatten. 


*Made to order; Add your logo or illustration; minimum quantities apply.  

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