Brand Experience at KariboSana

March 23, 2021

Brand Experience at KariboSana


The world of e-commerce is getting stronger every day. 

Yet, it is still vital to not only sell products online but also through traditional boutiques.  

The "touch and feel" and instant gratification by taking the product home when purchased has its place in the world of shopping. For many of us, the experience of shopping itself is a "feel good"  moment. 

Urbansleeves is now available at KariboSana, a boutique shop that shares our core vision to support the Local Artisans while considering an Eco-Friendly approach. 

Check out their stunning designs at 57 on 3rd Ave Linden Johannesburg. 


KariboSana means "most welcome" in Swahili. 

And most welcoming is what Caroline, the owner makes you feel when visiting her shop. 


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